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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Classified Advertising.

We've changed the way online Classifieds are utilized. To many, when they think of online classifieds, they think of the likes of Craigslist, Oodle, eBay classifieds(Kijiji) and a few others. But they are so old school they throw you into a cesspool of boredom. A mindless search for things you think you need that others don't. Yes, they serve a purpose and sometimes you can score big time! So do not underestimate the power of classified advertising. Just re-think how you can use classified advertising.

In today's world. We have other avenues to sell our products, services and selves. IE: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter and a host of others. But just because you have accounts and pages at these sites, does not mean it's the end all to end all. You still must get people to see your pages. But how? Where? Of course you can cross pollinate and advertise your Facebook page on Twitter and so on, but it's a sea of posts one after the other. How do you know if your post is even seen let alone read and acted upon.

This is where Filibi comes in. Filibi is an acronym for Find it, Love it, Buy it. We are an online classified advertising site, and yes we have the usual cast of categories for buying and selling but what sets us apart is we are a classified advertising site for today's world. We offer categories that no others offer and, placing a classified ad on Filibi is quick, easy and - best of all - FREE!

We offer you a place to advertise your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube videos, Etsy Shops, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Online Businesses, and a whole lot more. Looking for a category that's not listed? Just contact us and we will review it. You never know, we may just add it. We allow you to add images and ample space for your description like the others, but we also allow you to add your Twitter feed, Your Facebook Like Box and YouTube Videos all for one low fee of nothing, zero, zip, nada... aka Free. And we allow you to add the URL of your website, Etsy Shop, Twitter account, YouTube channel or Facebook page, group or personal account if you wish.

Now why should you advertise or sell on Filibi? Organic Traffic, More Exposure, Categorized Exposure and of course to make more Sales. Now we can't promise more sales, likes, fans etc. but we can promise Organic Traffic.

And again: Do Not Underestimate the Power of Classified Advertising.

Organic traffic is VERY important, if not MORE important to your Facebook page, than actual page Likes. Organic traffic is VERY important to your Twitter account, YouTube videos, Etsy Shops, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Online Businesses. You could use other social media to gain free exposure or you could use our service and gain unlimited organic traffic for as long as you want for free.

Come on over to and join our growing family of online entrepreneurs and advertise, promote, get the word out, buy, sell, save and just have fun browsing our site today!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Facebook Page Organic Traffic and Likes VS Paid Likes

Facebook Page Likes are a way for someone to approve of your page and give positive feedback that your page is something they are interested in. These are the types of Likes to your page that everyone is most interested in receiving. These types of Likes are people who will engage with your page. They are genuinely interested.

But How Do You Find These Types of Likes? The Million Dollar Question...

If you are paying for page Likes, or are tempted to buy them to get a leg up, you will do more harm to your page than the value of the numbers showing on your page. Paid Likes, or Fake Likes do nothing more than add numbers to your Like value on your page. Think about it. The people who Like your page from paid likes are just that: PAID to Like your page. They have NO interest in your message and it falls on deaf ears (eyes).

If anyone actually understands the algorithms that Facebook uses, you would discover that if you are not receiving engagements to your messages, Facebook won't share your message with the people that Like your page. What this means: if you have 500 Likes and 400 of them are fake likes, and Facebook shows your message to a fake user and nothing happens, Facebook won't show your message any further. Similar to Google, if your message isn't reaching the masses, you will not be on page 1. A double-edged sword for sure.

On the other hand. If you have 500 Likes from people that are genuinely interested in your page via organic traffic, or searches specifically for your messages, and Facebook shares your message with a handful of these 500 and they click the message, or comment, or share it with their friends, then Facebook will engage your messages to more and more of the people that Like your page. That is the purpose of having people Like your page in the first place.

Back to the Million Dollar Question. How Do You Find These Types of Likes?

Well, I wish I had the answer to end all answers, but understanding Facebook and Google algorithms is a lot of trial and error. You start with your friends in hopes that they share with their friends and so on. Then there are the corporate pages that have the advantage of a mass audience and the television advantage.

But where does that leave the little guy? The temptation of buying Likes.....

Here is our shameless plug to offer you a way to get Organic traffic to your page, which increases your chances of receiving genuine people that will Like your page. We can't offer any guarantee of Likes, but we can guarantee organic traffic.

We have a Classified Advertising site called which stands for Find it, Love it, Buy it. Now before you dismiss the idea of a classified ad site, let me just say THIS: Do Not Underestimate The Power of Classified Advertising! And, OUR Classified Advertising site offers a Facebook Page category where you can advertise your Facebook page for Free! Yes, you can advertise for Free and receive Organic Traffic!

In fact, is becoming the #1 place to advertise your Facebook page for free. Click Here to see for yourself. Then register for free and add Your Facebook Page. Your ad will last 30 days for free! After 30 days, you can login to your member area and re-list for another 30 days for free. You can keep re-listing as long as you like. Or you can list your Facebook Page All Year for just $36.50 if you don't want to keep re-listing every 30 days. Whatever you do, just keep your page active!

Then Help Us Help You!

After you add your Facebook page, Share it to Your Social Media Accounts and let others know where they, too, can promote their Facebook page! It's a Win/Win for everyone. We work diligently to bring you organic traffic, but a little help from our friends is always appreciated.

Organic Likes beat Paid Likes every time.

Come on over to and start receiving Your Organic Traffic Today!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Promote Your Facebook Page for Free at

Do you have a Facebook Fan/Business Page? Do you want more Like's? How about some Organic Traffic to Your Page?'s Facebook Page Category is THE PLACE to promote your Facebook pages. If you are not promoting your Facebook page here yet, you are missing out on some GREAT ORGANIC TRAFFIC!!!

Check out some of the Facebook Pages that are ALREADY Promoting Here:

Notice that not only do you get a chance to include a long description, photo's, videos, your twitter feed and you can add your website's URL that will be a clickable link in your ad, but.... you will notice these ads also have a Like Box included in their ad! And all you have to do is add your Facebook Page URL like this one: in the box provided while posting your ad and your Like Box will show up in your ad below your description, it's that easy.


And what's even better is that you can place your Facebook page in a sub-category like Artist, Band, Public Figure, Brand or Product, Entertainment, Local Business etc. that will help people find the type of business they are looking for. If you think about it, Facebook doesn't give people the chance to search by category. You pretty much need to know the name of the business that you are looking for and search for it. At people can just look in the category they are wanting to find someone in and/or use our search tool.

Register today for free and start promoting YOUR Facebook Page right now! will get you organic traffic for your page, the Like's will follow when people like what they see and want more information about your Facebook business page.

You can even register via our Facebook registration button at the top of our home page that makes it so easy, even a caveman can do it!

If you are not already a member of, we invite you to join us and the thousands of others buying, selling and promoting.

Thank you for visiting

P.S Don't forget to Like Our Page, Thank you :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Affordable Banner Advertising on

Banner Advertising with We have several sizes and locations to place your businesses banner with unlimited impressions at very affordable, almost laughable prices. Banner advertising doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.

Just like our free unlimited classified advertising service, our paid advertising is so inexpensive, it's almost laughable, but that's our commitment to you: we give you a ton for your money, period.

We have been around for 3+ years gaining more and more users, and you can take advantage of this potential exposure right now this second for next to nothing. We average 10,000 to 30,000+ page views per day.

The number of impressions you will receive depends on how many banners are in rotation. We offer 6 different placements/sizes to meet your advertising needs.

Our banner service offers Unlimited Impressions unless otherwise stated. Our geographical targeted banners are offered by impressions, not monthly unlimited.

You will find some great exposure for your business at Come place your banner advertisement today.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Site Upgrade

We are working on a site upgrade and the site may be temporarily down.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we will be back up asap.

Please check back soon and thank you for your support,

Filibi Staff

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Security Upgrade Downtime

On Monday 1/30/12 we will be doing a security upgrade.

The site will be down temporarily.  If you find the site is down, please check back later.

Thank you,

Filibi Staff